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Survivor/Thriver Series 2 Manifestation Kit "Living With & Beyond" (Save 20%/$30 Value)

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Survivor/Thriver Series 2 Manifestation Kit “Living With & Beyond” ($30 value/Save $6)

Have you just gone through something traumatic, dramatic, or both? Or perhaps, you're still going through it, and still not exactly sure how to get your bearings again. We've put together a very special Manifestation Tattoo kit to support you. Our Survivor/Thriver Series 2 Manifestation Kit features 12 Manifestation Tattoos, hand-picked by Conscious Ink staff members who have direct experience with life-changing transformations. Enjoy a special savings of $6 off. Temporary on the skin. Indelible on the soul.

CONTENTS: Twelve (12) Manifestation Tattoos (1 ea. of 12 styles), an alcohol pad to prep the skin, and “Intention Setting” instructions to prep the soul.

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