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Conscious Ink Founder

Frank Gjata, founder

Frank Gjata, founder of Conscious Ink, is dedicated to creating innovative tools that support people (including himself) to wake up, live consciously and enthusiastically love the life we live.

Frank has a unique gift of being able to communicate deep, meaningful and transformational concepts in a fun, lighthearted, and sometimes, even quirky, way. In 2011, he launched, a website that features unique tools, companies and services that support people to wake up, discover and live their bliss…this is his personal bliss. A few of the free offerings on the site are: and

Frank is also a writer, speaker, filmmaker, and transformational coach. As a coach, he offers the freeing and transformational practice of “acKNOWLEDGE IS POWER!” ( Frank ignites organic change and blissful journeys through the practice of acknowledging the truth in the moment, unconditional acceptance, authentic communication and the breaking of old unconscious patterns…and, once again, delivers it all with a sense of humor.

He is also founder of, a website aimed at raising consciousness by sending out a personally-written “wake up” text message at a random time each day. You can send these uplifting messages to your friends in the form of an eCard at

To contact Frank Gjata, click here.

“OUR JOB is to simply EMBRACE who we TRULY are and LET GO of the details. The ENTIRE UNIVERSE conspires to pollinate a SINGLE FLOWER. We'll be just fine.”

~Frank Gjata, Conscious Ink Founder

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