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MINDFULNESS FOR EVERY BODY. Conscious Ink Manifestation Tattoos are powerful wearable reminders created to disrupt habitual self-defeating patterns, inviting new, more aligned ways of being. Results have even been life-changing. Read Reviews

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Athletic Performance Kits

Mind over matter. Not to mention sweat.

Introducing our new Athletic Performance Kits! Mental toughness is crucial to success in any sport. Get the extra edge, on and off the court, field or track, with an unexpected lift when you need it most. “I kept repeating in my head “you are stronger than you know” and that helped me get to the finish line.” ~ Sara

Can a temporary tattoo really support permanent transformation?

Even a glimpse of our provocative ink can be enough to interrupt our unconscious thought patterns, and get us back on track. “So far in one week they have given me more motivation than anything else I have tried to control my compulsive eating disorder???”
~ KC

“I love these fun, gorgeous manifestation tattoos... celebrating sisterhood, self-love, comfort, and the magic of being human.”

~Elizabeth Gilbert, Best Selling Author

( See Her Ink HERE. )

Conscious Ink. Conscious Way of Life


Conscious Ink Manifestation Temporary Tattoos have been rigorously tested as safe and non-toxic, made with FDA certified colorants. They exceed safety standards of the FDA for Cosmetics and Children’s Toys, and surpass requirements of the EU and Canada. PPD free. Vegan. Never tested on animals. Our tattoos do contain soy, but we don’t label them as “soy-based” since there’s actually very little soy in them. If you have a soy craving, we recommend edamame.


Safety is of the utmost importance to Conscious Ink. There are a lot of popular tattoo trends out there right now where companies are choosing to make their products in China to save money, or make a quick buck. Problem is, they don’t have the same safety standards as the U.S. If we can’t make a tattoo in the U.S., we just won’t make it. But we do love to vacation overseas.


We offer our "choose love now" Manifestation Tattoo 2 Pack to everyone on the planet for free. It's a $5 value. No purchase necessary. Why? Since we believe this message has the power to change the world, we thought what if we gave this tattoo away for free? How would even just ONE more loving choice across the globe affect our planet? Let’s ink up for good. GET YOUR FREE INK HERE.


We use eco baggies made from plants. They're compostable! They cost twice as much as regular plastic baggies. Our planet is worth it, no? Our greeting cards are made with 100% recycled paper from 100% post consumer waste. Forest Service Council ™ (FSC). Green Seal.™ Green-e certified. Processed chlorine free. 50% alternative fibers/50% post consumer fiber. Green Masters Program. Carbon neutral plus. It’s a mouthful, but much easier for our conscience to digest.


“Had just ordered a few, one being breathe, and my cousin passed away & I started a new job all in one week. That little reminder to breathe got me through those moments when I felt like I would never be able to breathe again. I love these because you can change them to meet your current circumstances.”

–Janis M.

Conscious Ink has changed my life and made me a stronger woman! I wear their tattoos as badges of honor and strength and resiliency! I AM a Warr;or and I am so proud of being able to show this all to the world!! Thank you Conscious Ink - you are amazing!!!


“I currently am wearing ‘every cell in my body is in perfect order’. It has been with me through a surgery to remove cancer and today I received great news related.”

–Pamela S.

“LOVE these. So far in one week they have given me more motivation than anything else I have tried to control my compulsive eating disorder???!”


"I just ordered and received 70 temp wings tattoos for a celebration of my 18 year old son's life. His would be 19th birthday is coming up. I've never dealt with such a personable and caring company with such sincere communication. Thank you Conscious Ink!”

–Chrissie B.

"I have been a huge fan and customer for years! I love the products and have shared them with many friends. And a HUGE shout out to the customer service! They welcome feedback and always respond. I recently had an amazing email exchange with the owner. Great company, great people, great team, great products! Nonstop inspiration! THANK YOU!"

–Kathy L.

“Thank you for what you are doing to bring more mindful consciousness to the world in a fun impactful way!”


“Thank you for your awesome company. You make me stronger.”


“Companies like Conscious Ink are few and as a business owner, I truly am grateful having found you! Thank you so much for your dedication to great customer satisfaction and for having created a fabulous product!”

–Warm regards, Heather

“I LOVE your tattoos. THANK YOU!!! My whole family wears them when need a little spiritual lift! I wore "enjoy the ride" on my hand where I could read it on the bike and also wore "head up wings out" to remind me to run with my head up instead of looking down on the run.”


“I ordered 'I am strong' tatts and THEN decided I needed the starter kit but couldn’t afford both and you sent me one. THANK YOU FRANK!! I’m pushing 60 and in a 30 yr marriage with someone that feels really good “belittling “ me and beating me down. Your tatts inspired me sooooo much that I got my 1st real thing. Hope you like it..I love it!!! Wearing your tatt was all I needed to snap to the idea that I AM ENOUGH."


“I recently completed treatments for breast cancer and I found that having some positive mantras such as what you provide at Conscious Ink has helped me a great deal. I am well now and thriving but anxiety and fear of recurrence are ever present. So thank you again for what you are doing. You are helping folks beyond what you will ever know. Be well.”


“I am a loyal customer who wears her manifestation tattoos with pride. Your products have been instrumental in helping me on my self-love, self-care and self-compassion journey. For me, they help me find my authentic self in an unapologetic way and also help me connect with my essence. They gently teach you mindfulness and act as gentle positive reminders we too often forget. Thank you Conscious Ink! Your products have been instrumental in helping me on my journey!”


“I just want to say thank you. 2016 was pretty rough. After losing a job I loved, then losing my mom a few months later, I felt defeated. I..found a handful of tattoos that felt like they might help me through the hard times. On Thursday, I had an interview scheduled for a new job, and almost chickened out, then I remembered my envelope of affirmations. I covered my forearms with the positive messages... and headed out the door with new determination and energy. I start my new job Monday.”


I just wanted to tell you how wonderful these temporary tattoos are. I have three daughters, one of whom has a chronic illness. She is... one of the strongest young women I have ever known, but she is currently very ill and dealing with severe anxiety as a result. ...your little sweet business is going to help give my beautiful girl a much needed pick-me-up. I also...share some with her sisters... under a great deal of stress, to give them a boost... Thank you for helping me to help them in a small way.”


“I really love your temporary tattoos ... Last Monday, my 47 year old brother died unexpectedly. A friend of mine ...gave me "Something good is about to happen" so that when I looked at my left forearm, I'd feel a little hope and encouragement. I put it on right in the diner, with a wet paper towel the waitress gave me :-) I am getting a big pack of "this instant is the only time there is." If there's nothing else I've learned from his death, I have for sure learned that. Thanks for the comfort during a difficult time.”

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"You are a walking miracle. Strut accordingly."