Temporary on the Skin. Indelible on the Soul.

Conscious Ink is on a mission to raise consciousness around the world,
one body at a time. So what do you want to manifest today?

Conscious Ink, Printing & Way of Life.


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Winks to the Ink.

All of the students loved the interactive portion where we distributed Conscious Ink tattoos. They were posting pictures and talking about it with each other,...
it was absolutely amazing how much they loved them. Most importantly, the message of self-acceptance was translated well. With Conscious Ink, the students could have positive encouragement right on their skin, and it really helped my presentation come to life. Also, I loved my tattoo especially. Thank you so much! -Best


Grace Hogan

Thank you so much for your inspiring tattoos… I used them for my netball team to inspire us before a big game. Each one was picked individually for each...
player to signify a particular thing to think about that really applies to them. They loved it! It was very motivational! I wrote a passage to go with the tattoo for each person and read it out loud when I gave them their tattoos. Each person put the tattoo on their wrist to remind them the little things and the positive thoughts their team mates had about them. We were all in great spirits! -Thank you!


Keanna Hopkins

Last week, I got a call from you that, despite having the correct address, the package got returned to you. Anyhow, when you called, you mentioned you were actually...
going to be in town in a few days… You HAND DELIVERED my package AND included tons of extra tattoos for me. You see, this body has cancer and I wanted these tattoos to keep me focused on healing, gratitude and love. You were so gracious in including healing tattoos and then some. Not many businesses would take the time to hand deliver their products…I am a forever fan! -Thank you!!


Tandy Elisala

You wouldn’t believe the positive feedback that I have been getting from youth, parents and mother’s who are using them… I have had amazing feedback on...
the power of setting their own intention by sharing their own interpretation of the word or phrase. The tattoo approach has made it very “cool” for youth that might otherwise be a little apprehensive about mindfulness techniques. But conscious ink got them curious! So thank-you for your inspiring creative venture-I am sure it has had a positive impact on many. -Thank you!!



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