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Survivor/Thriver Series 1 Manifestation Kit "Facing The Challenge" (Save 20%/$30 Value)

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Are you, or a friend, facing an intense life challenge? Whether it's an unexpected diagnosis of cancer, a debilitating accident, or a traumatic divorce, we need support, compassion, and love....from all directions. Our Survivor/Thriver Manifestation Kit features 12 supportive, loving, and empowering Manifestation Tattoos, hand-picked by Conscious Ink staff members who have direct experience with this level of deep healing. Enjoy a special savings of $6 off. Temporary on the skin. Indelible on the soul.

CONTENTS: Twelve (12) Manifestation Tattoos (1 ea. of 12 styles), an alcohol pad to prep the skin, and “Intention Setting” instructions to prep the soul.

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