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The words you need, where you need them.

July 21, 2017 0 Comments

The words you need, where you need them.

Bold Declarations. Quiet Whispers.

The words you need, where you need them.

The beauty of Manifestation tattoos from Conscious Ink is that not only can you pick a word or phrase that is in alignment with what your soul needs at any given moment, allowing your chosen words to evolve and shift and change along with the tides of your hopes and dreams, but you also have the freedom to decide exactly how those words are to be worn.

Over your heart.

On you wrist.

Behind your neck.

On your ankle.

On your back.

On your hand.

Worn boldly for all to see.

Like armor. Like fuel. Like a challenge. Like a declaration to the world.

Worn only for your eyes.

Like a secret. Like a promise. Like a whisper to your heart.

Only you know where your Conscious Ink belongs.

So, wear your truth.

Wear it as your soul craves.

Let the world see.

Or keep it close and silent.

The power of your words will still rise and reign.

Be brave and let them.

“OUR JOB is to simply EMBRACE who we TRULY are and LET GO of the details. The ENTIRE UNIVERSE conspires to pollinate a SINGLE FLOWER. We'll be just fine.

Frank Gjata, Conscious Ink Founder

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