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How To Keep Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos Lasting Longer.

November 14, 2016 0 Comments

How To Keep Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos Lasting Longer.

How To Keep Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos Lasting Longer.

You chose your favorite temporary tattoo for a specific purpose. There is meaning behind it that only you know of. And it reflects an aspect of your personality or attitude. Awesome! So why not keep that tat going and manifest the benefits for as long as possible?! Long lasting temporary tattoos from Conscious Ink are as easy to apply as one, two, three:

  1. Keep skin area free of lotions before applying
    This gives your tats a solid foundation... grease from lotions can cause ink to slide of immediately. Not cool!
  2.  Clean/sanitize application area beforehand
    We all have beautiful bodies that sweat, get dirty and have things stick to it. The cleaner the area, the better grip the ink has to your bod! But no problem if you do have lotion on, or have oily skin. Simply use some rubbing alcohol to clean the skin, and prep the area, for the longest tattoo wear.
  3. Choose an application area the does not rub against other surfaces
    So many cute tattoos with so many cute placement options! Choose wisely, however. Think about where your clothing rubs, where you hold your purse, and what kind of shoes you typically wear. Any kind of rubbing motion on the ink will greatly decrease the long-lasting wear we have designed into the tattoo for you.

Now you know all the inside tricks... now get to Manifesting with Conscious Ink's long lasting temporary tattoos :)

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