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AWAKE (Lotus Flower) White Ink Temporary Tattoo

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This lotus flower design will inspire you to wake up and blossom as your true self in the moment. Apply as is, or combine with a chain, to make a beautiful necklace or bracelet. This a white ink Manifestation Tattoo. 

Size: 2" x 2"

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Conscious Ink Manifestation Temporary Tattoos consist of a dream list of positive words, inspiring quotes, healing affirmations and empowering invitations. Even at the most basic level, these messages can have a profound effect on us by simply reminding us of our intentions as we go about our day. Not to mention how they may impact those who are fortunate enough to get a glimpse of your provocative ink and its message. Perhaps, gifting them with the exact sign they need in that exact moment. Pretty cool.

Words are no doubt powerful, but to what extent? According to Dr. Emoto & his groundbreaking research on water, even water molecules are affected by thoughts, words, and feelings (see Science & Energy). Well, since our bodies are 70% water, just imagine the influence thoughts, words and feelings have on us! Apply liberally ;-)


“OUR JOB is to simply EMBRACE who we TRULY are and LET GO of the details. The ENTIRE UNIVERSE conspires to pollinate a SINGLE FLOWER. We'll be just fine.

Frank Gjata, Conscious Ink Founder

Join us, and Conscious Ink Founder Frank Gjata, in transforming the world by transforming ourselves. Be supported. Receive periodically personally-written articles, empowering quotes, and tips for transformation.

 Happy manifesting to you!