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Manifestation Leggings (Made with Non-GMO Organic Cotton)


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Do you love these Leggings? They love you.

They really do. You see, these are no ordinary leggings…not only in the many thoughtful ways in which they were made (which we’ll get into in a minute), but in how they were purposefully and specifically created to serve you, and all of humankind, really. Hence, their name: Manifestation Leggings. 

Big aspirations for leggings? Perhaps. But they would tell you, “BRING IT ON” (you know, if they could talk). If you notice, these Manifestation Leggings have the word “Trust” written upside down in the front, and "right side up" in the back. The upside down “Trust” is for you to see. Every time you look down, you’ll be reminded to trust your intuition, your knowing. And the “Trust” in the back is a reminder for anyone else who happens to see it, for the same purpose. Couldn’t we all benefit from trusting ourselves more?

Each Conscious Ink “Trust” Manifestation Leggings comes with a “Trust” Manifestation Tattoo 2-Pack, and “Setting Intention” instructions. Now for all the thoughtful ways our Manifestation Leggings are made: 100% GMO-Free Organic Cotton + Hand Sewn + Low Impact Dyes + Fair Trade + Fair Labor + Landfill Free + Renewable Small Family Farms + Closed Loop Low Carbon Footprint + Pesticide Free + Low Waste Design + Made in Los Angeles + Manifested in Bend, Oregon

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