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Manifestation Tattoo Greeting Cards

"Love" Manifestation Tattoo Greeting Card

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Our "Love" Manifestation Tattoo Greeting Card is a fun, unique and memorable way to express your love. It also comes with a gift...a Love Manifestation Temporary Tattoo, so the one who receives your card can carry your love with them wherever they go. Literally!

Totally unique and original, the Conscious Ink Manifestation Tattoo Card is a card and gift in one. Each card contains a Conscious Ink Manifestation Temporary Tattoo, along with our "setting intention” instructions. Each card makes a perfect gift for anyone on your mind or in your heart that could use a little extra love and support. They also team up perfectly with our Manifestation Tattoo Intention Packs. Together, they make a powerful “Manifestation Kit", perfect for give for any occasion!

The Greeting Cards themselves are equally distinctive and conscious. They’re made with eco-chic Kraft 100% recycled paper (100% PCW), and renewable Green-e certified energy. FSC certified.

It’s the ultimate feel good card to give and receive!


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~Frank Gjata, Conscious Ink Founder

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